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The Terra-Tec GmbH started in August 2010 with the aim of bringing a wood gasification plant into the market in all areas of performance. This did not seem to be anything special, as there are already manufacturers and operators of wood gasification plants in Germany.

Through a long-term testing phase and intensive research, we finally reached the goal of the ideal plant – exceeding in terms of quality, performance and investment costs. In 2016 Terra-Tec GmbH introduced the new product line “POWER-BOX – mobile energy systems”. Covering a wide range of renewable energies such as mobile solar, wind and water treatment plants.

Each product for itself is an innovative solution for the transport of the facilities on open terrain.


Our facility, which was developed and built after many years of intensive research:


– has been shown to contain all immission limits

– has proven to solve the tar problem completely and sustainably

– can process variable input material

– low-maintenance

– Optimum operating hours


Georg Brueckner is the developer and expert. He came from an architect and engineer family. Even his father had patented some inventions successfully. He devoted himself very early to the technology of our grandfathers, namely the wood gasification. Many years he invested in research and development

With the aim of designing a wood gasification plant that is unparalleled. In 2009 he was able to build a prototype plant that reach his high goals. With a staff of research and development staff, the serial plant construction is now being implemented with the founding of Terra-Tec GmbH. Today, the 50 kW el system is one of our top sellers all over the world, which not only reachs all customer requirements, but also achieves top results in the cost-effectiveness calculation


Previously, Managing Director Georg Brückner had the idea to offer solar power in a mobile system. Since the wood gas plant already has the element of the container, Brückner considered the container solution for all other renewable energies as the best solution.

Therefore, the POWER-BOX product line was launched in 2016, which offers mobile solar and wind plants and a new water treatment technology.

By participating in the AHK delegation in Kenya, Georg Brückner quickly became interested in this innovative technology. The mobile solutions found by Terra-Tec are ideal for developing countries as well as areas with no infrastructure or existing building systems.

Terra-Tec is proud of the water treatment plant, which does not exist anywhere in the world. Georg Brückner has developed a water treatment plant that converts electricity into drinking water. This “power box” is the ideal solution for the problems of the refugee camp in Nairobi (KENYA), where we are currently working with other companies from Kenya.



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